Time to re-post and re-update my Life List – bday is coming up and I wanted to add some more things.

  1. Do Roller Derby
  2. Own at least 7 days of matching bras and panties
  3. Go skydiving (maybe this summer..)
  4. Finally learn Spanish. And brush up on my German, French & Italian.
  5. Visit Montreal and see a sunset.
  6. Send my parents on a trip
  7. Learn calligraphy
  8. Frame my g*d artwork – done! well partially, but at least the main ones I wanted framed are done!
  9. Visit Edinburgh for Hogmony
  10. Own a dog
  11. Write one of those strongly worded letters I’m always going on about.
  12. Teach a (my?) child to ride a bike / tie their shoes / blow a bubble
  13. Disconnect for a full week – no phone / net / tv
  14. Learn to knit – FINALLY
  15. See the pyramids at dusk – Orions Belt
  16. Surf in Byron Bay, Australia.
  17. Do the NYC thing: Empire State Building / Times Square / Central Park / Broadway / see an off Broadway show
  18. Hot air balloon ride (anywhere, tho definitely would like to do it over Iowa – where I first saw them)
  19. Road trip to the Grand Canyon – stopping at the tiny towns along the way (note: bring own sheets).
  20. Scuba dive – NOT in a pool or lake (preferably be certified)
  21. Plant (and keep up) an herb garden
  22. Make my own bread, routinely
  23. Sew curtains
  24. Travel to all of the places I have lived, again.
  25. Keep writing – even if just for myself, for the memories
  26. Surprise my mom on her birthday
  27. Surprise my dad on his birthday
  28. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
  29. Throw an elaborate dinner party – in the woods, on a roof, someplace random.
  30. Take a photography class and finally learn what Fstop and ISO mean.
  31. Spend an entire day naked.
  32. Walk on hot coals (cliche? I’ll take it!)
  33. Run a mini-marathon in every state (Indiana – DOWN)
  34. Visit every state in the US.
  35. Hire a breakdancing bear
  36. Go to the top of a lighthouse.
  37. Do something utterly outrageous and grand in honor of a friend.
  38. See a rodeo
  39. Buy a beater Jeep – just old school, no top necessary.
  40. Full out decorate my bedroom – make it as awesome as I deserve.
  41. Write emails to some of the writers of blogs I read routinely – let them know they matter. Say… 10.  I’ll list em here.
  42. Catalog all my books (sound tedious? yep, but I guarantee I’ll pry love doing it. And love even more having them all on there!)
  43. Learn glassblowing.
  44. Join a wine club. – done! did this just the past Friday.
  45. Take a weekend away – high class hotel and spa. Indulge
  46. Take a weekend away – cabin in middle of nowhere. Preferably with a hot tub and write almost all weekend.
  47. Get a massage. I put it on here because I won’t do it for myself otherwise.
  48. Set up patio with lighting, more chairs and make it party-friendly.
  49. Strip and refinish grandmother’s writing desk.
  50. Buy a house.
  51. Rock an outrageous hat at the Kentucky Derby.
  52. Get a right-hand ring to celebrate paying off my student loans.
  53. Visit a black sand beach
  54. Go to Music Festivals: Bonnaroo, Rothbury, 10kLakes, Coachella, Red Rocks Concert, Lollapalooza
  55. Picnic in Yellowstone Park – picnic basket required. Yogi – optional
  56. Stomp grapes in Italy
  57. Host a movie festival for friends
  58. Watch a game at Wrigley from the bleachers

still in progress.