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So in keeping with the whole break up because of a nonsense reason / realize I’m awesome and he misses me / starts coming back like a beaten puppy cycle….  – I’m back with NiceGuy. I’ll definitely do a more detailed post coming up (but its part of the reason I’ve been away for so long).

Other reasons include: my crashing of mah bike / throwing my back out / a good friend’s younger sister passing / spraining of the TOP of my foot (srsly?) and of course, the actual reunion of me and NiceGuy. For round 3. Thats right, we’ve done this twice before, but we’re (I’m?) doing it again. Because I’m a sucker for this guy.

So last Saturday was his and I’s first ‘Come to Jesus’ talk, where I had informed him we are either friends or we’re bf/gf. None of this pansy-footing around stuff anymore. Also, if we were bf/gf I wanted-slash-needed to get flowers. A gesture if you will, something that would show me he wanted a relationship this time, a real one that comes with talks of the future and dreams and plans and actual dates and some of the trappings of a typical relationship. Some. Not all. No babies or rings or any of that kind of talk, but… you know, someone to dream with. This is huge for me. I don’t want to have to edit myself. And I found myself doing that a lot in the last go-around, not wanting to rock the boat. Well… yeah, that didn’t last. See above, I like to throw myself into situations and rocking the boat, even if it means I come with copious injuries.

So a week and a half later, after our first fight (!!! – this is also HUGE people, I’m Italian, I need to fight, so one of my worries was that he was too nice and wouldn’t fight. He does. I threw things. He calmly explained his point. I ranted. He listened. And then we got to make up. *grin)  Annnnyways, turns out he ordered the flowers on Thursday. Its mid-day Tuesday and I’m still waiting. Recap of our convo below.

me: so pumpkin pookie snookums.NiceGuy: Don’t ever call me that me: =Dsnookums is so fun to type tho Hey, anyways, you said you ordered the flowers last thursday (and whats up with me only being able to type flowers as flwoers?), still nothing. Just wanted to let you knowNice Guy: You’ll get them on saturday [ed. note: he thinks he is being funny, as he knows I’m out of town this weekend – he is the one driving me to/from the airport]
me: *crickets
: I think I can track the order…
me: its just, there is another building with a wicked similar address, and I wanted to check because: I, a- want the flowers and, b- got kinda worried that maybe they’ve just been delivered wrong? or just poofedNiceGuy: They haven’t been delivered yet so there’s a chance you’ll actually get them!What’s your name again? Hopefully I got it rightme: jackass.its Amber. duhwhere did you order flowers from? Siberia?!NiceGuy: AntarcticaVery rare flowers! You’ll have to keep them in the freezerme: was there an estimated delivery date? do i get to enjoy them before i leave for [redacted]? =Pi know you wanted surprise and all.NiceGuy: Yes. Yes[10 minutes later]NiceGuy: That’s weird. Someone sent me flowers. They were just delivered… me: i hate you so much.NiceGuy: They’re from me! I’m so sweetme: evil evil evilNiceGuy: You should get them today. UPS. Hopefully they aren’t mangledLast time I use 1800flowersme: yeah. just do a local florist NEXT TIME buddy❤ *mwah

Reminder men: always use a LOCAL florist when you’re trying to get the girl back.

Its okay to believe in Prince Charming, but you have to believe in midnight too.

disarming (adj): tending to allay suspicion or hostility; winning favor or confidence siren (noun): a seductive or tempting woman, esp. dangerous or harmful